Pre-GDC Owlboy Update #1

Bringing in the goods!
Simon's pixels has been jumping off his screen all week, as he's been drawing every item, powerups and pickups into the game. He's also working on bringing the first Dungeon's boss to life for the GDC playable demo.

I'll upload some screens from the menu system tomorrow

Meanwhile, I've been adding powerup effects, menu screens and layed many a bugs to waste with my keyboard.

We've added a Owlboy Development thread on TIGSource.com, be sure to check it out, as the TIGSource forum is one of the biggest communities of indie developers. If they think your stuff looks great, everyone does!


  1. Oh my God, you guys ROCK! I played the demo recently and its a great game. Impressive graphics too, you deserve way more attention. Best wishes!

    1. Thank you so much:-D We're very close now, and will be releasing more info on the game very soon. Compared to the demo, expect GREAT things;-D This blog here is abit outdated, you can follow the continued development at http://www.dpadstudio.com